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Box Size/
Large - Weekly1    $630 (EB=$6003)
Large - Bi-weekly2 $342 (EB=$3203)
Small - Weekly1     $360 (EB=$3403)
Small - Bi-weekly2 $225 (EB=$2103)
Mini - Weekly1       $216 (EB=$2003)
Mini - Bi-weekly2   $135 (EB=$1253)
Pickup Location: Port Rowan Farmers Market (Fri 3-6pm)
Dancing Pig Farms (Thurs 3-6pm)
Delivery (we will call you to discuss)
Referer: If you were referred by one of our CSA members to join our CSA, please indicate name of person. (He or she may be entitled to a Dancing Pig Farms bonus.) :
Terms: Terms:
1. Dancing Pig Farms agrees to prepare a food box containing fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits and ready for pick-up by the customer. The size and frequency of the food box matches what's been selected and paid for by the customer.
2. The customer agrees to pick-up/receive the food box at the selected location and assigned schedule.

I agree to these terms.    

1. Weekly means every week, with a total of 18 food boxes between Jun 18, 2020 and Oct 22, 2020 inclusive. This is Schedule A.
2. Bi-weekly means every other week between Jun 18, 2020 and Oct 15, 2020 inclusive (Schedule B) OR every other week between Jun 25, 2020 and Oct 22, 2020 inclusive (Schedule C), with a total of 9 food boxes. Dancing Pig Farms will assign a schedule (B or C) to the bi-weekly customer to balance our garden production.
3. Early Bird (subscription paid before Feb 15, 2020) is denoted as EB.
4. The last day of the Port Rowan Farmers' Market is Oct 9, 2020 therefore, beyond Oct 9, the customer must pick up the food box at the Dancing Pig Farms location.

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