Dancing Pig Farms
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Dancing Pig Farms

In Norfolk County near the town of Walsingham
Where the dancing pig laughs and frolics in the sand
Lies a farm amidst forests and water that flows
Where beavers fell trees and deer trot on snow.

The carpet of trilliums excite in the springtime
When bluebirds and nuthatches forage for their young
As hummingbirds flutter and hide in the redbud
The bees drink the clover till the sun turns around.

The farm has history of tobacco and kilns
It sounds of pine cones, of walnuts, and dreams
It smells of chamomile, asters, and susans
It tastes of filberts, heartnuts, and currants.

And yes we labour with love for our garden
Where bulbous roots burst and tendrils fasten
Where greens are also purple and herbs are inviting
Where succulent leaves and fruits are waiting.

And in the evening when the sunflowers are still
When corn and salads have made their fill
And vegetables are tender on cast iron pans
The dancing pig snores on this beautiful land.

(Socorro Chinnick 2019)

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Dancing Pig Farms
722 6th Concession Road
Walsingham, ON N0E1X0

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