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$2 per 2 lb Bag of Carrots. Limit of 3 bags per customer.

In the Fall of 2019, we dug up the carrots from the garden bed and stored them in sand inside our unheated garage. Throughout the winter, we enjoyed the carrots which had sweetened themselves naturally with the cold temperatures, much like grapes frozen in the winter sweetens themselves to make ice wine. Now that it's spring, the carrots are slowly waking from their dormancy and start to develop roots and sprout to meet the light. The carrots may not look pretty with dirt and roots, but to this day in early spring, we continue to enjoy their fresh, crunchy, juicy, sweetness.

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These carrots are available for you to enjoy for only $2 per 2 lb bag. Limit of 3 bags per customer.

Carrots can be picked up at the farm on Tuesdays between 2-5 pm while supplies last. Orders must be arranged before Tuesday noon. Please go to the Contact page for our contact information, phone text is the recommended communication.

To accommodate physical distancing during the COVID 19 crisis, pick up will be on the driveway. Follow directions at the farm entrance and make sure you have exact change for payment or have pre-arranged an e-transfer with us. Our procedures will help ensure safe exchange of money and goods.

Carrot Pasta Recipe

When we first got married in the early 1990's, we cooked with our Presto pressure cooker. Today, we use an Instant Pot. Here is my recipe for Carrot Pasta with ground beef. It uses carrots and basil from our garden. So delicious! Carrots Pasta.JPG

Serves 6 people

1 lb ground beef

6-7 medium sized carrots

2 cups of frozen peas (or fresh from our summer garden!)

1 large onion (or 2 medium sized onions)

2 cloves of garlic

Half jar of pasta sauce

Half bag of 900 g pasta

Dried, crumbled basil leaves


Mix all ingredients into the Instant Pot except for the pasta and basil leaves. Lock the lid and turn on "Meat/Stew" setting which is about 25 minutes on pressure.

In the meantime, cook the pasta el dente in a large pot of boiling water. Drain and transfer into a large serving dish or bowl. When the Instant Pot beeps, release the pressure. After the Instant Pot unlocks itself, open it, transfer contents over the cooked pasta, and mix. Serve into individual bowls or plates with dried crumbled basil leaves. Enjoy!

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