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Farm Experience

Farm Experience at Dancing Pig Farms allows you to pick your own vegetables and flowers from our garden.

It runs from July 15, 2022 to October 16, 2022.


Mon 10 - 6:30
Tue Closed
Wed 10 - 6:30
Thu 10 - 6:30
Fri 10 - 6:30
Sat 10 - 6:30
Sun 2 - 6:30

No registration required.

Free admission, but we recommend that you buy at least $10 worth of our produce to help support our livelihood and our sustainable agriculture.

Quantity Price
Vegetable/flower package standard size as per Harvest Limits $5
Duck eggs half dozen $5
dozen $8
Chicken eggs half dozen $3
dozen $5

Rules and Expectations


1. Please make sure that you arrive at least an hour before closing time.

2. Please sign the waiver.

3. A staff member will give you a tour of the garden. You will be provided with a produce list which will indicate what vegetables and flowers are ready for picking. You will also be provided with a crate, pair of scissors, clippers, small shovel, and produce baskets for your harvest.


1. You are expected to abide by the Farm Experience Guidelines.

2. Refer to the Harvest Limits Table for measuring amount to harvest. Vegetables/flowers harvested beyond the limits will be charged extra. There will be a weighing station in the garden.

3. Please do not waste the vegetables by leaving them on the ground. Do not eat the vegetables while you are picking. Be courteous and keep the garden tidy.


1. Go to the checkout area.

2. You will transfer your harvest into produce plastic bags and paper bags when you leave.

The Dancing Pig answers questions …

What vegetables are available for picking?

You can view our weekly harvest pictures here to have an idea what vegetables you might expect in your Farm Experience. The pictures are from prior years. Some vegetables may not be available this year. However, there may also be new vegetables this year. Factors like seed availability, germination, weather, pest issues, customer interest, and market trend all contribute to what vegetables are available for picking.

Check out the Culinary Uses of Vegetables to give you ideas on how to prepare and cook our vegetables.

Is it better to go in the morning time slot to guarantee more available vegetables?

We will plan to make sure that all pick-your-own guests have access to available vegetables, whether booking in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

Can I order snacks when I get to the farm?

We only sell bottled water for now. In the future, we will also serve snacks and drinks.

Are there washrooms and hand washing stations in the garden area?

Yes, there will be a portable washroom and there will be a hand washing station.

Can we bring food and drinks to the farm?

You may bring water but we ask that you don't bring food and don't picnic at our premises. We sell bottled water.

Are we allowed to take pictures in the farm?

Of course! However, please be mindful of the privacy of other guests.

How do I pay?

We are currently only accepting payments by cash or e-transfer.

Are pets allowed?

Sorry, no pets are allowed anywhere in the farm.

Are strollers allowed?

Please do not bring your stroller on the garden paths.

What do I wear?

Check the weather forecast and wear comfortable and appropriate clothes for the weather. To avoid sunburn and mosquito bites, you might want to wear a hat, light long-sleeved shirt, pants, and socks, and bring sunscreen and bug spray.

Are there ticks in the garden?

We haven't seen ticks in our garden but they may be in the forest and tall prairie grasses in other parts of our property. Please inspect your clothing and skin for presence of ticks, tick bites, bulls eye rash, and other symptoms - contact a doctor if necessary. Refer to https://lymeontario.com for more information.

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