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CSA Foodbox Subscription     

Community-supported agriculture (CSA) is a system in which the customer subscribes to buy fresh produce directly from the farmer on a regular basis throughout the growing season.

Our CSA food box program has three sizes and two frequencies:

Food Box
Size and Frequency
number of
per food box
Price per
Food Box
Subscription Price
Early Bird
Subscription Price
(Payment received
before Apr 30, 2021)
LARGE - Weekly 10 $35 $630 $600
LARGE - Bi-weekly 10 $38 $342 $320
SMALL - Weekly 5 $20 $360 $340
SMALL - Bi-weekly 5 $25 $225 $210
MINI - Weekly 3 $12 $216 $200
MINI - Bi-weekly 3 $15 $135 $125


1. Weekly means every week, with a total of 18 food boxes between Jun 17, 2021 and Oct 14, 2021 inclusive. This is Schedule A.

2. Bi-weekly means every other week between Jun 17, 2021 and Oct 7, 2021 inclusive (Schedule B) OR every other week between Jun 24, 2021 and Oct 14, 2021 inclusive (Schedule C), with a total of 9 food boxes. Dancing Pig Farms will assign a schedule (B or C) to the bi-weekly customer to balance our garden production.


Step 1: Register to join the Dancing Pig Farms CSA subscription program here.

Step 2: Pay Dancing Pig Farms for the food box selected in the registration form.

Payment Type
Cheque made out to "Dancing Pig Farms" Mail / Drop off to:

Dancing Pig Farms
722 6th Concession Road
Walsingham, ON
N0E 1X0
E-transfer to "info@sgcfarms.com" Call Gordon at 416-721-6544 to arrange an e-transfer

Step 3: Visit the Dancing Pig

According to the assigned schedule, the customer will pick up a food box containing fresh vegetables and fruits:

• at the Dancing Pig Farms location on Thursdays (3pm-6pm) https://goo.gl/maps/fW5Axngjei38McQs7

• or at the Port Rowan Farmers' Market on market Fridays (3pm-6pm) https://goo.gl/maps/jsiHTUjhWsGcy1346

• or at Ancaster Farmers' Market on market Wednesdays (3pm-7pm) https://goo.gl/maps/2BDmjp1vChqfavwV6

• or at a Brantford location (location and time of week yet to be determined)


1. For an additional fee, we may deliver the food box to the customer's residence or to an agreed-upon location and time. But this is only after careful discussion. For example, we may consider a “group” delivery to a neighbourhood with multiple customers if our travel expense is justified.

2. The last day of the Port Rowan Farmers' Market is Oct 8, 2021 therefore, beyond Oct 8, the customer must pick up the food box at the Dancing Pig Farms location.

The Dancing Pig answers questions …

1. What is inside the food box?

For our estimated harvest schedule, please click here. We will try our very best to diversify the vegetables, herbs, and fruits from week to week. We may occasionally include produce from local organic growers to add variety. Also note that there may be crop losses due to pest and weather-related issues. If they do happen, we will try our best to add more variety in the following weeks.

2. What incentives are available to save money?

You can save money for being an Early Bird by registering before Apr 30, 2021. You can also receive a $20 rebate or market credit if you refer a friend to join our CSA. You can redeem the market credit with us at the Port Rowan Farmers' Market on market Fridays within the calendar year.

3. What if I cannot pick up at the designated time?

If you cannot pick up the food box at the designated time, please contact us immediately for alternate pick-up time within that day or the following day. If you are going on vacation, please make arrangements with us at least a week in advance to skip the food box for a particular week and receive a market credit with the same value as the food box. You can redeem this market credit with us at the Port Rowan Farmers' Market on market Fridays within the calendar year. We will allow these arrangements for missed pick-up day (either through unforeseen reasons or planned vacation) only once in the calendar year.

4. Can I "pay as I go" ?

If you would like to "pay as I go" each time you receive your foodbox from us, then we will add an extra 10% charge per foodbox. This also means you're committed to the agreement for the entire duration of the foodbox program. Please fill out the CSA foodbox registration form and call us at 416-721-6544 to make this special arrangement.

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